Background video connection with colleagues.

Train new hires remotely in real-time.


Team members are keeping their privacy by looking blurred to others.

Background creates a sense of privacy, so you can leave the video turned on and work close to each other.


Video is mutual

1. Video is mutual

Only those who have turned on their cameras can see you.

2. You are blurred by default

Others see that you are present but don’t see the details of what you are doing at the moment.

You are blurred by default
Click to unblur

3. Click to unblur

Click to gradually unblur a teammate.

4. Confirm your unblur

You decide if you will be unblurred or not.

Confirm your unblur


  • Low bandwidth consumption

  • Low CPU consumption

  • Convenient shortcuts to (un)mute your microphone

  • 1 minute install and setup

  • No registration required

  • No distracting sounds

    • Adjust volume of sound coming from others.

  • No microphone worries

    • Big & clear muted / unmuted indication

  • More features…



  • Easy training, trust building

  • No extra work iterations, coordination delays

  • No loneliness

  • Strong team bond

  • Great complimentary to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack.



Upcoming beta releases will be free.

Once out of beta we will be moving to a monthly plan and a free trial.